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Prenatal Education

Prenatal education is ideal for those having babies for the first time or for those who have had previous experience with birth and would like a refresher.  Knowing what to expect during the pregnancy, specific health issues, labour and delivery, and how to manage once the baby is born are all part of prenatal education.

Denise acknowledges that each pregnancy and birth is a unique event. Customize a prenatal program to prepare yourself for the physical and emotional aspects of pregnancy, birth, and the postpartum period.  This is done in the comfort of your own home and a schedule to meet each family’s own individual needs.    Knowing what to expect and knowing your options will help you make informed choices.

It is Denise’s goal to present options to expectant women and their partners to help them feel empowered to make choices that lead to a positive childbirth experience and a smooth transition to parenting and breastfeeding

Class Topics Can Include:

- Stages of Labour and core Birthing Options
- Transition to Parenting
- Sibling Adjustment
- Breastfeeding
- Multiple Pregnancy and Postpartum Adjustment
- Vaginal Birth after Cesarean